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Journey Slouchy Tee- Jersey Knit

You have a vision of what your perfect life looks like — from your charming beach house to the hypoallergenic rescue pup that will greet you at the door. You see it all so clearly and every moment you are manifesting your socks off. You keep your aspirational end goal in mind but you understand that the present is where the good stuff is. The joy is in the journey.

Know what else brings joy? Our eco-friendly t-shirt is a comfortable and flattering addition to any wardrobe. Made from super soft fabric with just the right amount of stretch, this tee is the perfect choice for everyday wear — a constant reminder of the beauty of living in the moment, not just fixating on the destination.

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Journey Slouchy Tee- Jersey Knit
Journey Slouchy Tee- Jersey Knit Sale price$68.00