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We believe the future is flexible. Why shouldn't your clothes be? We're on a mission to simplify the modern woman's wardrobe and help women dress like they mean business. Through intentional designs and an empowering community, we're creating a movement that's all about self-expression, versatility as a power-move, entrepreneurship, and everything in between.

Why SISU Was Created

Driven by the desire to simplify the choices available to ambitious women, we set out to craft pivotal pieces in women's apparel—essentials that effortlessly blend into casual, laid-back styles. We recognized the need for garments that work as hard as we do, providing the perfect canvas for our dynamic lives. Where the allure of style seamlessly intertwines with the practicality of functionality, creating a symphony of fashion tailored for those embracing the almost 8, 10, and 12 sizes.

Sisu goes beyond being just a brand; it's a revelation, a multi-functional wardrobe solution meticulously curated for the modern woman. This isn't merely about clothing; it's about empowering individuals who desire the perfect blend of luxury and durability in every fashion choice. Discover Sisu – your connection to a community that understands, celebrates, and elevates your journey. Because every woman deserves to feel not just stylish, but profoundly connected on her path to empowerment.

Our Intention

We start by focusing on the shape of a women's body and the technical functionality she requires, and we partner that with simple, thoughtful design details. Quality over quantity- Why have good clothing when you can have GREAT! Our designs and fabric choices are meant to transition you through your day effortlessly.

Our Thought Process

Who is our woman? What does her day look like? How can we make her feel comfortable and look good at the same time? How can SISU be her go-to brand? Our clothes are not meant to be your average cookie-cutter brand. Each collection starts with feedback from our customers, customers, focus groups, wear testing, and industry research to ensure the fit is perfect, compliments every curve, and gives unshakeable support.

Our Development

Our fabrics are individually selected to provide a combination of high quality, performance and versatility.

Fabrics that can travel,be interchanged between different activities and require low maintenance.

How our fabrics are produced and manufactured is our TOP PRIORITY

We only work with companies that meet the following minimum requirements:

☑ Offer Fair Wages ☑ No Sweatshop

☑ No Discrimination ☑ No Child Labor

☑ WRAp Certified ( World Responsible Accredited Production)

Many women find themselves between standard clothing sizes, and so struggle to find clothes that fit well. Sisu provides a solution with its inclusive sizing, offering elegant and functional pieces for those underserved by traditional sizing systems.