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Article: Starting A Small Business – It Is Not Easy, But It Is Worth It !

Starting A Small Business – It Is Not Easy, But It Is Worth It !

Starting A Small Business – It Is Not Easy, But It Is Worth It !

The Difference Between Who You Are and Who You Want To Be - Is What You Do

Are you someone who dreams of being your own boss? Have you worked for employers your entire adult life and felt boxed-in, undervalued, bored, underpaid, or even worse, like you are wasting your most valuable resource - time?

Starting a small business is not for everyone, and it is definitely not easy, but when your purpose, passion, and drive are all aligned, you can be unstoppable with the right team and resources.

There are a number of considerations to make before taking the leap from a steady (or not so steady) paycheck and the security or certainty that comes with employment in an established organization.

Ask yourself the following questions. Take some time with each of these and really think through your answers. Maybe you write them down to reflect on later.

·  What do I enjoy doing that I currently do not get to do in my role?

·  How much money do I have to invest into this new business venture, and am I willing to take out a business loan, line of credit, or seek out investors if the money is not sufficient to begin?

·  How will I attract customers to my business?

·  What is my why?

·  What about this business will motivate me to wake up every day and make sure it grows and becomes successful?

·  Am I a leader or do I need to partner with a leader so that I can do the work that I love and am good at?

·  Am I willing to fail?

·  Who can be my mentor and are they available and willing to fulfill that role for me?

·  What resources do I need to begin and run this business for the next 12 months, 3 years, 5 years?


There are many more pertinent questions you’ll want to consider before taking the leap into self-employment. Those listed above are a great place to start and will get your wheels turning.

Another important step is to speak with other entrepreneurs. Start with your friends and family. In your city, seek out groups of small business owners and attend their events and join their communities. You may discover that your perfect fit for a role is within someone else’s small business. Or, you will be reaffirmed that you want to follow the beat of your own drum and start your own small business. Either way, making real connections in your community with other business owners and networking in a methodical way will be key to your success as a new business owner.

It is important to understand the difference between building a small business and creating a side hustle. Side hustles are often how small businesses begin. And while a side hustle tends to grow at a slower pace than a full-fledged business, it is a good way for you to begin to understand if this new career path is right for you. Additionally, a side hustle allows you to maintain your current income source, so there is less risk involved if it does not work out the way you planned.

Remember, nothing in life that is worth it comes easy. Be sure to surround yourself with a strong and supportive community and when things get tough, they will always help you go back to your why. When you lead a business with the intent to serve others, great things can come from it.

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